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Music is your life and you recognise perfection when it comes to sound. Your statement is stylish design, professional tone and sound quality, combined with modern Wi-Fi technology and ease of use. Your smartphone is your compass and your genius is your freedom.

Perfect sound

Maximum sound at every pitch: The result of over 30 years' experience in speaker engineering, the ETON AIR offers precise and intense sound playback from a dual-concentric speaker at a high output of 80 watts. Using high-quality carbon diaphragms, they guarantee clear, powerful bass sounds and mids as well as silky-sounding trebles.

Logo: Chromecast Built-In

Turn it up from the front

In an instant: You can use the multifunctional front control to set the volume and to play or pause a track with just a single movement of the hand. The AIR also uses the ETON logo, which is illuminated in multiple colours, to communicate its current mode, meaning that you only have to glance at it to know its status.

Always close at hand

No detours: Without getting lost in a sea of buttons, the AIR can be easily controlled using the remote control and, at the touch of a button, you can change the playback source, the song, the volume or put it into standby mode.

Always authentic

No compromises: While the music may be digital, the sound quality is just as good as if it were analogue. Thanks to the powerful digital sound processor, your music experiences continuous sound tuning and gives you an unexpectedly authentic intensity.

For every connection

We have thought of everything: The rear of the ETON AIR is highly compatible and easy to connect to. In addition to the power switch and the power socket, there is a LAN Ethernet port, a USB port, a 3.5 mm AUX-IN stereo jack for portable digital media playback devices and a 3.5 mm stereo jack for headphones.

Streaming whiz

The full bandwidth: The ETON AIR offers sound perfection for every data format. As an all-rounder, it receives Bluetooth 4.1 as well as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals, and boasts a streaming rate of 192 KHz/24 bit. It can even handle lossless audio formats and recognises WMV9, AVS, VP6, FLAC DSD, APE and WAVE.

Clean shape

Compact and style-conscious: With its dimensions of 19,5 ⨯ 31,5 ⨯ 12,5 cm (H x W x D), the ETON AIR 4 fits on any shelf and can be easily repositioned.

The perfect mix

High-quality and robust: The breath-taking Italian design of the ETON AIR is showcased by the matt and fine-mesh grille, surrounded by a polished chrome frame. Thanks to the shatter-proof ABS plastic housing, the multi-functional speaker stays where it should be even in turbulent moments, and looks stunning, whichever angle you look at it from.

Intensive sound experience

ETON Air App - Smartphone
ETON Air App - Screenshots


The ETON AIR app is your key to enjoying music without limits. Easy to set up and compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, it allows you to tap into the intelligence of the smart ETON AIR 4 and opens up to you its full spectrum of sound qualities.

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Bringing together what belongs together: The ETON AIR app forms the perfect link between your smartphone and the ETON AIR. Google Home Assistant helps to ensure that all of the components are successfully linked. When combined with multiple boxes and when using the app's Multi-Room function, you can control the music in each of your rooms directly from your smartphone.

Every source, one click

All playlists, regardless of where they are saved: With the ETON AIR app, you can skilfully switch between your music sources no matter which room you're in. You can use the app to directly select USB stick, the AUX source or the relevant streaming format.

Smart player

Everything at a glance: Once a song has been selected, the player offers additional functions. In addition to viewing the song title and speaker position, you can search for other songs, change the order or adjust the volume. You can quickly view recently played songs and play these again, and it is also possible to completely change the source, i.e. switch to the USB stick.

All’s well that ends well

It waits until you have fallen asleep: There is no abrupt end to the music and no unwanted disturbance. With the sleep timer in the ETON AIR app, you control the ETON AIR's sleeping habits as well as your own, without even having to be awake. Surrounded by the finest sound quality, the ETON AIR accompanies you throughout the day and gives you tranquillity as soon as you need it.

Make your

Pick the ETON AIR that best suits you and your style! Whether classic black, simple white or retro mint-red – you can find the perfect AIR for you!

to sound

Coaxial speakers for intensive and authentic sound playback, paired with powerful amplifiers and an integrated digital sound processor – proving that it's impressive on the inside too.

Power 80 W music power
Dimensions 195 ⨯ 315 ⨯ 125 mm (H⨯W⨯D
Connections Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB/AUX-IN/Ethernet/ headphone output
Colour Black-silver, white-silver, mint-red
Operation ETON AIR app/remote control/rotary knob
Apple Support Apple AirPlay; Devices: Tablets und Smartphones, OSX Computer via AirPlay
Android Support Google Home/Google Cast services; Tablets and smartphones
Accessories Power cable, AUX cable, remote control, quickstart guide

Bring the AIR
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Order the ETON AIR now from the comfort of your home! Treat yourself to the finest soundscapes and control your music from your smartphone. The ETON AIR comes with all of the accessories that you need to get started.
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